In My Own Words​.​.​.

by Nicola Farnon

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This album is a compilation of jazz originals of mine that span twenty years (TWENTY YEARS!!) and includes songs from seven previously recorded albums. My dad was a big Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers fan and I grew up watching those fantastic musicals on film, so when I started singing and playing double bass I found I already knew quite a lot of the American Songbook songs.. However when I started trying to write music in this vein I became more and more struck by the incredibly clever and witty lyrics, rich harmonies and catchy melodies that comprised these compositions. Everything was just so amazingly, effortlessly and beautifully structured...enough to put anybody off trying to emulate really...almost!

Anyway I hope you enjoy these. I've included the track listing and albums they've come from below and - most importantly of all - the wonderful musicians I've been so lucky to have play with me on these recordings... There really is some phenomenal musicianship on these tracks and I am so so grateful for all their fantastically talented input.

I've mixed them up but you might be able to hear from the sound/age of my voice when the earlier or later ones were recorded - as well as visually bloomin see as I've dated each album! If you are THAT interested you can always check out the albums they come from and then you'll not only know - but possibly be able to hear - my musical trajectory over the past TWENTY YEARS more clearly!

Also - if you're interested in checking out my (very recently released) other originals album to date - Made Up - it's totally different! More funky, a bit country, bluesy,... but with the same attention to lyrical, melodic and harmonic integrity I dearly hope!

And if you want to find out any more please do check out my website -

Thanks for reading and hopefully listening and here's the track listing and musician info, short bio from my website - and a few links and reviews to peruse if you so wish!


released October 2, 2018

Album credits

In My Own Words...
1. Perfect Lovely Day (Live) 4:34 (A DAY AT THE MARKET) (2014)
2. Stay With Me For Ever 5:24 (SO FARNON - SO GOOD!) (2016)
3. SDUI 4:25 (PORTRAIT OF A FARNON) (1998)
4. Beautiful Dreams 3:41 (HERE I GO AGAIN) (2007)
5. Into The Arms Of You 2:36 (HERE I GO AGAIN) (2007)
6. Somehow Someday 4:00 (THREE 'N' EASY) (2014)
7. Imaginary Bliss 5:17 (HITTING THE RIGHT NOTE) (2010)
8. It's Starting To Get Light 6:54 (SO FARNON - SO GOOD!) (2016)
9. When Love's As Good As Loving Gets 3:19 (THREE 'N' EASY) (2014)
10. Please Don't Ask Me To Stay 4:54 (SO FARNON - SO GOOD!) (2016)
11. Don't Know Why 3:34 (THAT'S THE BOTTOM LINE) (2005)
12. For All I Knew 4:22 (HERE I GO AGAIN) (2007)
13. It's Just Got To Be That Way 6:28 (SO FARNON - SO GOOD!) (2016)

Vocals, double bass, cello - Nicola Farnon
Flute - Nigel McGill track 11
Tenor Sax - Ben Martin track 3
Piano - David Newton tracks 2,8,10 & 13
Piano, accordion, tenor sax - Piero Tucci tracks 1,4,5,6,9,11 &12
Piano - Andy Cholerton - track 7
Piano - Jon Trier track 3
Guitar - Jim Mullen tracks 2,8, 10 & 13
Guitar - Chris Walker tracks 3,4,5,11 & 12
Drums - Steve Brown tracks 2,8,10 & 13
Drums - Phil Johnson tracks 1,3,4,5,6,7,9 & 11
All songs written and arranged by
Nicola Farnon

Nicola Farnon - Short Bio
Widely recognised as one of the classiest Jazz and Swing musicians in the UK, Wiltshire born and now Sheffield resident, Nicola has a remarkable musical pedigree, both parents being professional classical musicians and her great uncle no less than the late RobertFarnon. After an early start on piano and cello (grade 8 in both by the age of eleven), she followed her dad's love of the 'standards' into jazz via the double bass and an enchanting voice which was developed during her Performing Arts studies at Middlesex University. Her sparkling trio and quartet appears regularly on the jazz circuit and the band's arrangements are all done by her - with some melodic and extremely catchy originals thrown in for good measure! She has played with such Jazz luminaries as Dave Newton, Digby Fairweather, Jim Mullen, Bruce Adams, Roy Williams and Alan Barnes and alongside class jazz acts as diverse as Eliane Elias, Courtney Pine, Georgie Fame,Tony Kofi, Michael Garrick Jazz Britannia Orchestra, Sir John Dankworth and Dame Cleo Laine, Humphrey Lyttleton and Acker Bilke.
Nicola's performances, with her wide variety of music, versatility and attention to detail, keeps audiences spellbound with classic songs ranging from 1930's to the 1970s. A truly talented singer, Nicola delights in an uncanny ability to adapt her performance to captivate and embrace any audience.

“She’s a remarkable performer on stage, a fine singer and an outstandingly swinging and propulsive bass player with an outgoing personality to match...I declare that she is a class act who should be on every jazz festival in the land….A sure fire hit!” Humphrey Lyttleton

..We were like putty in her hands. She has the unique talent to make it appear that each song that she sings is just for you, and that it is the very first time that she has ever sung it. She is the ultimate professional, with a charismatic personality that is rare in all but the top artists.
Big Band Buddies Magazine


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Nicola Farnon Sheffield, UK

Singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Nicola had an early start on piano and cello and her classical love combines perfectly with the jazz, funk, soul + rock influences. reflected in her singing, playing and compositions. Recognised as one of the classiest Jazz and Swing musicians in the UK Nicola has a passionate and swinging style, big personality and a charismatic stage presence to match ... more

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Track Name: Perfect Loverly Day (Live)
Lying In the long long grass
Gazing up at yellow, green and blue
Melting in the glow of the sun
Knowing that there's really...not much to be done

I'm sailing away.....floating down that meadow
Oh life standing still, dream away
Oh what a Perfect Lovely Day

Can you hear those birds singing?
Can you smell that yellow green and blue?
Can you hear that gentle wind softly whispering to you?
Do you know that there's really....not that much to do?

I'm sailing away.....floating down that meadow
Oh life standing still, dream away
Oh what a Perfect Lovely Day

Well I'm dozing, dreaming, floating away..
Oh yes I'm floating down that meadow
I'm sailing away
I'm dozing, I'm dreaming, I'm floating...

Oh life standing still, dream away
Oh what a Perfect Lovely Day
A Perfect. Lovely . Day
Track Name: Stay With Me Forever
Someone once told me don't worry yourself
Nothing is ever that clear for
If you keep thinking your prince may appear
You could be waiting, many a year!

....So imagine how I felt when you came along
And since that day I can't stop singing this song...

Stay with me forever - stroke all my cares away
Say we'll always be together - you'll kiss me like this every day.
You are all I wished for, on that list at seventeen
And the possibility
Of one like you - for one like me
Is a bonus I hadn't forseen

For you are - such a catch
Which makes us of course
The most perfect match!
With you, I have, eveything and more
My heart dreamed for oh

Stay with me forever
Be the notes in my melody
Say we'll always be together
Now, always and forever
And you'll spend your whole life loving me!

2nd chorus tag
Oh say - we'll just grow old together
And you'll spend your whole life
You'll spend you're whole life etc...
...Loving me!
Track Name: SDUI
No lyrics!
Track Name: Beautiful Dreams
Beautiful dreams were never these
Broken and crushed - like fallen leaves

They tell you what you're wearing
Looks an awful mess
They strip you down and bully you
With casual finess

She eyeballs you and sweetly says
in soft and gently tones
A miracle must be performed -
To fix these problem bones

And you just listen to them, humbly nodding
Hoping - that their painful prodding
Will make you look as beautiful
As you once dreamed you'd be

Now you're home and looking at
The clothes they said to wear
And longing for the innocent
Without a care..

Beautiful dreams were never these
Broken and crushed - like fallen leaves
Track Name: Into The Arms Of You
I guess I saw it coming - when I never thought it could
You pushed the right button
That got me running
Into the arms of you

I've known you for so long
And still I'm sitting here writing this song
Now you've got me dreaming
Tilted, now I'm leaning
Into the arms of you

How were we just friends before
Wasting all this precious time?
Now I've got to spend it all
Making love and drinking lots of wine!

Now that I have recognised
The man I always knew
Oh - there's no stalling
I just keep falling
Into the arms of You..
Track Name: Somehow Someday
Somehow, someday - I'll find my way
You'll see a change in me
If you wait, patiently..
For I have played a life time
With worry and doubt
So surely now is soon enough
To jump this roundabout

And from today - just wait and see
How you can make of me
Someone who is truly free
For all it takes is one more chance
..and I'll just wait and pray

Oh please just give me one more chance
For this is all I pray
Track Name: Imaginary Bliss
You came and you sat beside me
You dazzled with your smile
You asked if I wouldn't mind you
sitting for a while

Clouds faded away
The sun felt warm and good
You turned and you smiled again
..and then I understood

That this was just a story
Too good to be true
But what a dream I'm dreaming
Sitting here with you

For now I'll keep pretending
That this is how it is
I'll keep my happy ending
Imaginary Bliss

Dreaming of your kiss
Imaginary Bliss
Dreaming of your kiss
Imaginary Bliss
Dreaming of your kiss
Imaginary Bliss...........
Track Name: It's Starting To Get Light
How can you just face me after all that we've been through
Turn around and say my world will now be without you?
How could you believe that I would nod and quietly leave
Without a word, a sigh, a helpless plea
I'd just say goodbye - don't worry about me?

All the dreams we had now lie in pieces on the floor
Slowly disappearing as you walk out the door
I long to shout, not a word comes out
I can't even make a sound
I'm all broken like my heart - as I watched you turn around

Then I remember - a night so tender
Under the moon, the stars so bright
I close my eyes tight and drift back
To a calm twilight of that long hot night...

Here I lie - face to the sky
Floating along my night's lullaby
Like a child I've played
In my wild crazy haze
Dancing with a moon so bright
All through the deep blue night

Now the flickering gaze - of my friendly star
Always there when I look up - you know who you are
Starts to flicker and fizz
Into one last sparkling kiss
And I feel you hold me tight
It's starting to get light...

.... All the dreams we had ....
Track Name: When Love's As Good As Loving Gets
When I was younger I fell in love so easily
My heart was stronger, it recovered rapidly
But recently I've seen a different me
Oh this time I'm unsure
Don't want to spoil this love that I adore

cos ya see...
I've got a little secret - that's filling me with doubt
That I can keep it safe inside
And not just spit it out

We thought it would be better
Not to tell everybody yet
To act like we were just good friends
Who happened to have met

Well it's getting so much harder
To keep our secret safe and sound
I want to shout it right out and holler
Tell everyone around ooooohhhhh

Baby can we please tell them
Before they're laying bets
How happy we are, how great love is
When love's as good as loving gets!
Track Name: Please Don't Ask Me To Stay
Please don't ask me to stay
I'm leaving soon you'll see
My intention this evening was not to delay
That's the way it should be

Oh pour me one last drink
Though I'm already full
Of feeling and thoughts I don't want to think
Don't want to think at all

Don't want to wait for you - to look away
And give me the chance to gaze
Though you amaze me so - I'm not ready yet
For you to see something - I might regret

So if you look in my eyes
Don't worry if I look away
You'll never hear how my heart sighs
Parting is like a thousand goodbyes
Oh please don't ask me to stay

So if you look in my eyes
Don't worry if I look away
You'll never hear my bitter sweet sighs
The helpless lament of hopeless goodbyes
Oh please don't ask me to stay
Track Name: Don't Know Why
Don't know why
You and me
It's a puzzle..
That I think of you all of the time
You treat me so bad buy baby
Your lips are sublime

You and me
What a mess
What a muddle
When we dance you tread on my toes
And even when you make me cry
Don't know why but I do
I love you
Track Name: For All I Knew
For all I know, for all I know
I could be always waiting on my hopeless hill
For all you know, yes all you know
I could be sitting here not thinking of you still

Not thinking of the roses - that you will never send
Not thinking of the possibility - that this will be the end

For all I knew, my whole life through
Means nothing now that I'll spend it
Without you
Track Name: It's Just Got To Be That Way
I don't care - if it's cloudy or grey
And if the sun - doesn't come out to day
And if I never, never see you again
Well I know - it's just got to be that way

I don't mind - if you won't look at me
When we pass on the street - so awkwardly
And all that stuff we shared
The broken bed, the jokes, the fights, the books we read
they're all gone...
And it's just to be that way

No I don't miss - the way we kiss
Never remember, don't try to reminisce
Don't you back, I only loved you because
You liked me, simply for who I was

So if I sit, and stare, don't want to go out
It's really nothing to worry about
I'm good, I'm fine, I'm really ok
And I know...
It's Just got to Be That Way!

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